Sunday, 24 September 2017

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing ? 

Affiliate Marketing is a simple way of making money by recommending products to other people. As like you recommend a product to a person and he/she purchase it , then you will be paid commission for that.

Its involves a simple process :

  • Find a product you want to promote.
  • Sign Up for there affiliate program. 
  • You will get an affiliate link by which the company will see who clicked your link.
  • Promote Your Affiliate link on web .
  • Whenever someone buys the product, you will get commission for that.
There are many affiliate programs are running for every type of product. But in India most popular affiliate program are of amazon and flipkart.

Best thing about amazon is , once someone clicked your affiliate link you will earn commission on anything bought by them in next 24 hours.This means , you will be paid not only for the product which you promote but anything sold on amazon through your link.

For Starting your Affiliate Marketing You Need To Follow The Steps Below :-

Step-1. Find A Product You Want To Promote.

Visit the amazon page and select the category you want to promote.

Make sure that you choose a topic you are familiar with as you have to write some content about that for your audience.

Also,before selecting a topic go to amazon page and check the commission rate for categories on amazon.

To Check the commission rate, click here.

Step-2.Create a Website/Blog

After selecting a topic, you need to create a website.

As your website will be the foundation for your online business.

If you want to learn how to create a website or blog, then just click here and read my blog about creating a niche website or blog.

Step-3. Sign-up for the Affiliate Program 

Once you have created your niche website you need to register for the affiliation program of your choice either for amazon or for flipkart.

Click On the link to Sign-Up for Your Choice Program:-

Step-4.Select the item you want to promote.

If you are already know the product and just go to search box and find product .

If not then it is better to take help of amazon , to do this you need to 

Go to amazon best seller 
Select a category there 
Find a best selling product from there.

As it is easier to sale a product which is already selling well comparatively selling a unknown product.

Step-5:Type Content for your product. 

Now you have to write some useful content about the product you are promoting on your site.

And Just make it publish for the world .

You can check your earning and rest things from your affiliate panel. 

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