Sunday, 17 September 2017

Creating a Blog

If you are planning to start a blog and blogging is new for you, then you are at the right place. Here I am providing all basic requirements for starting a blog.  The Five easy step guide for starting a blog and grow it 

The Five easy steps which will help you starting blog very easily and to grow it follow us so that you can never miss any important tip for growing yourself.

Here's The Five Step Guide To Start Your Own Blog Easily:- 

 Step 1: Choosing a blogging platform:

Before thinking about design of your blog you need to choose a platform for you blog. Choosing a platform which is easy to setup , secure & reliable. You can choose it among various different blogging platform like wordpress, blogger, tumblr and many more.

Wordpress is most preferable blogging platform, it is being used by 72 million blogger approximately worldwide. It is free to use including themes, layouts, add-ons that other blogging platform doesn't provides, very easy to setup, & it always keep on updating there software and keeping the things sound and secure. So there are very less chances of getting your blog hacked.

But it doesn't means that other blogging platforms are not good, they are pretty good. 

Step 2 : Registering a Domain Name and Hosting: 

After you have decided on which platform you are going to start your blog , then its time to choose domain name for your blog and a hosting plan for it . Choosing a good domain is really important as it will relate with the content of your blog .

 Finding a good hosting is very important as it will be the home of your blog's content and work performance of the hosting company is really important while choosing hosting as if the uptime of the hosting company really matters .

So, find the proper domain and a good hosting provider for your blog.

 Step 3 : Designing Your Blog: 

Designing a blog is the stage of the giving a professional look to your blog, changing design of your blog, installing new plugins/widgets to your blog and making your blog search engine friendly.

If you have setup your blog , then you are ready to start customizing your blog. It will be quite easy and fun at the same time.

Step 4 : Adding/Writing Blog Posts and Pages: 

By now you have fully setup your blog and ready to write your first post to it. Creating your first post, adding images and links to it, so that the post you have created may be find by the interested reader .

Step 5: Start Growing Your Blog:

After making everything, Now its time to make your blog reach the interested reader and make the readers to loyal followers of your blog. Make it your blog successful. Its struggling stage for new bloggers . So, here I am putting a complete guide for making it easier for you.

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