Wednesday, 27 September 2017

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing means promoting the business by sending e-mails and newsletters. E-mail marketing is most powerful way to improve your website or blog traffic and keeping your audience up to date.  By E-Mail Marketing you can connect with your audience in a highly personalized manner , under your budget.

To promote business and traffic to your website or blog , e-mail marketing is most useful as there are 3times more users of e-mail from facebook and twitter combined together. So there are huge crowd for you to target your audience from this pool. E-Mail marketing is most easy channel available for reaching your audience and cheap as well, means by using e-mail marketing you can reach maximum users with low budget. 

How to Start E-Mail Marketing Campaign

 1.Establish Your Goal

2.Select an E-Mail Provider

3. Create Your E-Mail List

4. Select the type of Campaign you want to send


5.Create Your Fist Campaign

6. Measure Your Results

To Find how to create your first E-Mail Marketing Campaign and many more look for my other articles.

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