Thursday, 21 September 2017

Increase Your Web Pressence with SEO

Every blog writer and website owner work very hard to increase the traffic and ranking of there blog or website. They spend lot of money on making it work but spending money on advertisement involves risk as the promotional planning is not proper then , it is simply wasting the money on advertisement. And as beginner no one wants to take such a risk .

So there are various easy and free ways to generate free organic traffic to your blog or website like sharing your content on social media, linking your profile with social media, SEO, creating backlinks to your blog or website, etc.

Here is one of the most useful trick to increase organic traffic to your blog or website is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very powerful technique to generate organic traffic to your blog or website. It affects the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine. SEO work as on keywords used at the time of searching the web.

 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1.Find Good Keyword :

As the SEO focus on search , so it is very important to choose a good keyword relating to the post of your blog which you want to show up.

For this, can take the help of google keyword planner ,  and find the most appropriate keyword for your blog post.

2.Provide with Good Content:

Good content means has to be better then other or your competitor. No matter what you are creating an e-commerce page pr any thing but it has to be better then other else no one going to notice it neither Google nor people.

So writing a good content is very important to increase your blog or website visitors. 

3.Keyword in your Page Title:

Page title must contain Keyword, but doesn't means it has to be exact. The title of the page should be interesting so that people wants to click on it, rather then a boring title. Title of the page must be attracting

4:Keyword in your Header:

As the search depend on keywords, the header keyword will help google exactly what is your blog post is about. So it is important to be sure to use exact keyword phrase to use in your header.

5.External Links :

Links from other website to your website or blog are external links. Google depends on external links to rate a post or to know how much good is the post. So it is very important to make proper and good externals to your website or blog to increase your blog traffic.

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