Sunday, 22 October 2017

Getting Started with WordPress

As wordpress is most recommended platform for blogger . So here I am with a beginner guide for people who want to start a blog or a niche website with a most popularly known platform. It is very easy to get started with wordpress as it provides with many free templates and plugins for making your blog or website look amazing and professional .

Here is a guide from start to finish of all steps we will go through.
 1.Find a Domain and Get it registered.
For starting any blog or website you need a domain which you have to select very carefully. Carefully in the sense that the domain you choose should be related with the topic of your blog or website.  It should be short and reflects the topic on which your blog or website is.

You can choose domain name from any domain name provider like godaddy etc but if are looking for free domain name you can have it from . Its a site which help you with providing you free domain name for your site.

2. Choosing the best web hosting.

After choosing the domain name for the blog or website its time to choose another important thing which is hosting for your website or blog. There are many hosting service providers but if you ask for my suggestion then I recommend or for hosting. They provide cheap and best hosting services. One click WordPress installation which is very easy to install. 

If you go with any of these you can use the coupe code and have some good deals from it.

3. How to install wordpress.

As I have told you in the beginning installing wordpress is really easy. Both Bluehost and HostGator provides one click installation which just a click and your wordpress is installed. After buying hosting you just have to go to apps selection and from there you have to choose wordpress and click install, your wordpress is installed.

Its very easy and cheap creating your professional blog on WordPress.

4.Installing template on wordpress.

Installing template on WordPress is easy. WordPress provides many free template for blog which makes your blog look more professional and attractive. For installing template in wordpress you just need to do this :

- LogIn into your wordpress admin panel.

- After Log In to your account , go to appearance and select theme.

- From theme select add theme and find the more appropriate theme for your blog or if you have your theme then select upload theme and upload your theme on it.

- After that just click install and activate and you are done, your wordpress theme has been installed.

5. Adding PlugIns to your blog.

WordPress is also providing many free plugins which make it really easy to  create a proper blog with all the features that you need to create a professional blog. For this you need to do this :

- After Log In to your account , select plugin option from the menu.

- After selecting plugin select add new plugin and from there find the plugin you are looking for, install it and activate it and your plugin is activated.
You have successfully installed and activated theme and plugins to your wordpress blog.
7. Adding Page to your WordPress.
Adding pages to your wordpress is making your wordpress blog more professional .
- For adding page to your wordpress blog login to your wordpress account and select pages.

 - On clicking the pages, from there select add new page .

 Add there title of your page and description and things which you want to add to your page, and you are done.

You have successfully created your wordpress blog. Now start adding posts to your blog and reach your audience.

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