Saturday, 7 October 2017

Make Money with Podcast

Podcast , some of us even don't know what is podcast ? 

So it a digital audio file available on the web for downloading to a computer or a portable media player, available as a series, new updates of which can be received by subscribers automatically. 

As it is on a particular topic so for preparing a podcast you should have in-depth knowledge of the topic on which you are making your podcast. For creating a podcast it requires time.

So here are important steps for creating your podcast :-

1. For creating a podcast first you need to prepare a script. Determining the content of your podcast. And create an outline to keep a track of what you are going to discus or promote.

2.Record audio of your podcast, it can be either on mobile phone or on any professional device used for audio recording.

3.The final step is to upload your podcast either on your on your personal website or on Internet radio.

Now comes the part where I'll tell you that how can you make money from your podcast. So you can make money from your podcast from either ways :-

1.You can sell your podcast. If people are will to pay for hearing your podcast. Means the content of your podcast is compelling to convince people to pay for it.

2.You can also insert commercial advertisements in between your podcast and make money from it.

In this way you can make good money from your podcast.

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