Thursday, 16 November 2017

5 Best Alternatives For Google Adsense

Everybody of us wants to make money with easy ways and everybody knows about the most popular way of making money online which google adsense, an advertisement program run by google. Google adsense allows you to publish ads on your blog or website, but getting approval from adsense is not that easy as there are some requirements which has to be fulfilled before applying for google publisher program. 

 So if you are not getting approval from google adsense don't worry here find the best possible alternative of google adsense from which you can get easy approval and make good money from your blog or website.

5 Best Alternatives For Google Adsense :-

Its yahoo! Bing Network contextual ads which is best alternative for google adsense with as same cpc as adsense. It is not easy approval from it, as it has certain requirement to be fulfilled and takes upto 3 working days for approving your website/blog.

But is one of the best alternative for google adsense .

2.Propeller Ads

It is the best and highly recommended adsense alternative for new blogger or website owner which has no minimum traffic requirement and instant approval. Propeller Ads have good cpc rate and easy approval which makes it recommended for new users.

Register on Propellers Ads by clicking : Propeller Ads


It is the highest paying ad network but is do not pay you like other networks pays you around $30 to $50. It don't pays you for impression or click your website or blog have, for earning from revenuehits user has to complete the ad process only then you will get paid.

RevnueHits is the highest ecpm network & best alternative for adsense. You can register on it by clicking following link :


It is the contextual ads network with good CPM rate. For getting approval from Infolinks your have to fulfill minimum traffic requirement and takes upto 2 to 3 working days for approval. 

Infolinks is also good alternative for google adsense. For registering on Infolinks click on : Infolinks

5. Pop Ads

Pop Under ads paid the highest ecpm rates. No minimum traffic requirement and get instant approval. It also serves ads for adult content. No content restriction. Good ads network for making money as beginner.

Pop Ads pays you high eCPM rates and is good for earning . Register On Pop Ads : Pop Ads

These are the Best Google Adsense alternatives at present time.

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